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Effectual Family and Marriage Counseling

Family and marriage therapy and consultations can help promote thoughtfulness and collaboration amongst members when facing difficult situations, such as mental health conditions or major life transitions. Dr. Ivey  is a clinical member and approved supervisor committed to working with you and your family or partner by using proven techniques and comprehensive approaches to allow for understanding and, ultimately, healing. 
Therapy Aimed at Keeping Your Family Together
Therapy and consulting can assist in helping families healing during times of duress such as a recent divorce, loss of a family member, financial constraints or major interpersonal conflicts. Also, Dr. Ivey can assist with mental health issues such as chronic illness, food issues, depression and substance abuse. 
A holistic therapeutic approach focuses on not only the individual in question, but also the entire family or other individuals and assesses them as a whole to investigate the stimuli that are affecting the individual. For instance, if a child is acting out or looking for attention at soccer practice or in class, therapy will help to assess the issues that are affecting the child at home and school as well as the other individuals involved. When the issues have been revealed, the source of the problem can be addressed by the support of other family members to proactively combat and reduce the child's unwanted behavior. 
Dr. Ivey is a specialist in school psychology and can assist your child with addressing problems affecting their academic performances. Contact Dr. Ivey today to schedule your appointment. 
Every Relationship and Person Can Benefit From Professional Support
Keeping your marriage afloat is often very difficult, needing countless hours of work and a lifetime of commitment. Nowadays, although divorce is on decline in the past 20 years, 40% of young couples marrying for the first time are at risk of being divorced, according to Divorce Source. There are many reasons that leads to divorce, here are a few:
  • Negative communication
  • Unresolved differences
  • Issues that lead to infidelity
  • Financial hardships
  • Drug abuse
  • Mental issues
Although divorce might seem like a preferable option, others may want to see you work it through. If you or your partner is involved in a marriage with any of the above issues, marriage therapy might be the best solution. 
Take the time to resolve the issues with the persons who matter most to you. Contact Dr. Ivey today to schedule a therapy session or a consultation.

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